How do you organize when you’re packing for a move?

…No, seriously, I want to know. How does anyone manage to stay organized when they’re packing for a big move? I thought I was prepared for this: I had a color-coding system all in place, I have browsed dozens of packing tips online, and simply put, I’m naturally OCD. This should have been (relatively) easy.

We’re moving in three days, and we’re coming along – OK – on the moving process. I say ‘OK’ because we’re doing just fine, and the big moving day shouldn’t be stressful. And yet, I feel like any kind of planning I may have done before this point has just flown out the window. Oh, there was a method for packing my pots and pans? Well, that box is already taped shut and I’m not reorganizing it. Tough luck! We have this fancy color coding system that corresponds to the different rooms in our new house, making moving stuff to the right room easy and fun! But then, how do you color code a box full of knick-knacks from around your house? This stuff used to be in the office, but that was because it had nowhere else to live in our townhouse, where should it go now? And I’m not going to lie: despite my best wishes, as we slowly move stuff over to the new place, we’re throwing a lot of it in our new spare bedroom since we won’t be using that room immediately upon moving in. Whoops!


And yet, I guess that’s life. A general loosening of any packing guidelines has allowed us to pack more quickly and efficiently, and in turn, we’ve been able to move a huge amount of STUFF over to the new house ahead of our family descending on us this Saturday to help us move the furniture. We’re lucky in that our new house is only two miles away, so we can fill up our cars in the morning and then drop off a few bags here, a few boxes there in the afternoons after work. It’s the only way to move, really (especially if you refuse to hire movers).

One slightly sobering fact that I’ve noticed these past few days: how little one really needs to live, and how much of our stuff just…sits there. We’ve already emptied our townhouse of a LOT of stuff, mostly little-used items from the basement, closets, decorative items, books. On Friday, we moved two boxes full of eight out of our 10 place settings, meaning we’ve been using two of of every dish for our meals this week (and running the dishwasher a lot).


Wrapping my hanging clothes in garbage bags! That’s a packing tip I actually executed!

But even then, we’ve been getting by just fine. Sure, our place looks a wreck, and things are a little more quiet with our radio packed away, and I can’t use our blender for a few days. But we’re doing fine and, to be frank, hardly noticing that some things are gone. OK, if these creature comforts were gone for a month, I’d be going out of my mind, but it’s amazing how much STUFF we accumulate in our lives, and how little we really need it. I’ve tried to purge and clean as much as I can during this process (I’m even getting rid of books, folks – BOOKS!), but I still feel like it’s not enough. J and I are drawn to a modern, very clean, and airy aesthetic, and I’m hoping that as we decorate our new place, we fill it with pieces WE love, cherish, and enjoy living with – not just STUFF we’ve had for ten years or more, that we’re too complacent to rid ourselves of.

3 thoughts on “How do you organize when you’re packing for a move?

  1. Thanks Emory and endlesssummertreasures! Thanks for stopping by A Homebody, as well! I apologize for the radio silence, but the UN-packing process turned out to be twice as time-consuming as the packing process, so I just posted a new post tonight! Hope you like it!

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