April Favorites: Pins

It’s technically May, but it’s time for another round looking at my favorite pins from the previous month!

  • Chinese barbecue pork bunsWe’re making these for dinner tonight – hopefully they work out well because OMG they look so good. I already made the cha siu pork earlier this week and WOW was that a win. The dough on these don’t look too hard to whip up, so I’m very much excited for dinner tonight
  • This Ikea chairWe’ve pretty much have all our new living room furniture picked out, including this Strandmon chair from Ikea. We’re thinking of going bold and getting the bright orange one to match the muted shades of grey and green we’ll be using throughout the house.
  • All natural cleaning productsI’m always on the lookout for ways to whip up my own all natural cleaning products. I’ve been using a certain combination for an all-purpose cleaner for about six months now, and it’s worked fabulously. I love how much money you save, and how easy it is to make these products in your own kitchen.
  • This maxi dress:
    I think I could rock this this summer. If only it wasn’t nearly $70!?! AH.
  • Salted caramel brownie sandwich cookies:
    Say WHAT!? Pinterest is really good at making me fat.
  • Elemental olive oil and vinegar containersI love Modcloth stuff. I wish I had all the monies so I could buy all the cute and quirky stuff I find there. (Hint: these would make a great housewarming present. Just sayin’)
  • Repel mosquitoes with these plants: There’s some low areas of our new yard, and while we need to work at improving the drainage all over the property, our real estate agent cautioned us that standing water is a great hang out for mosquitoes, so planting some of these babies near the house could help cut down.

2 thoughts on “April Favorites: Pins

  1. Heyyyy Kathleeen! I have not made the cookies (which is a shame) but the Chinese BBQ pork buns turned out AMAZING. Try them!

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