Why the radio silence? Well, I’ve got some big news…

So, it’s been awhile since I last wrote here, but J and I have been relatively busy these past few weeks because…



That’s right! A real house! With walls, and a floor, and a doorbell!

But even more than that, it’s truly the perfect house. For us. It’s everything we ever wanted in a first home, and (as I’ll explain later) the only real contender in our hearts. The house-hunting process is fickle; there was never any guarantee that we were going to get this house. But I believe some things happen for a reason, and everything just fell into place so perfectly with this house – it had to have been some kind of fate.

I’ll go into the whole process in later posts (it’s a long story!), but the fact that keeps hitting me at odd moments is that we own a house. Our very own house. This is our new home. OUR home. It’s where we’ll live for the next 10 years, probably start a family, adopt a puppy, plant a garden, paint the walls. Sure it’s just another possession, an “item” that we’ll be paying off for seemingly ever. However, there are so many complex emotions and memories attached to the houses where you live and spend time during your life, and so settling on one feels like a big deal. It’s like getting married. Sure, there’s always divorce. Sure, you could sell your house in a few years and move elsewhere. Sometimes, things don’t work out. But sometimes, you get that instinctive feeling in your gut that tells you this is the right one, let’s settle down here. You can’t ignore those voices.

Along those lines, buying a house also feels like a very real sign of getting old. Which I am (as we all are). I’ll be 28 this year, and suddenly, I feel very much like someone in my late 20’s. All I need is a baby on my hip to complete the picture (….though we’re not rushing into THAT anytime soon). I felt like my mom while talking to my younger brother about picking the right college yesterday; the years truly go by so fast. One moment, you’re young and it feels so overwhelming, freeing, and exciting. The next, you’re almost 30, you have a house, a husband, some cats, a job, and you’re like, “Wait, how am I supposed to feel anymore? Can I still be young? Is there something else?”

But mostly, buying a house is a huge relief. Though the process went fairly smoothly for us – something we owe to the great team helping us on the way – it was terribly stressful. I’m ready to not buy another house for, like, 10 years or so. Maybe longer. It is also time-consuming and emotionally exhausting, leaving me little time to think or do anything else. Right now, our townhouse is full of boxes, and totes, and bags, and even though I feel like the packing process is on schedule, I still feel like I’m simultaneously stalled and behind. Yesterday was our closing, and even though J and I were both off work, all we could do after signing the 10,000 papers was go out to a celebration lunch, come home, and then nap.

Anyway, we’re officially moving next Saturday and I’m SO READY to move and begin living in our new home. In the meanwhile, we still have so much to pack and organize. Luckily, the new house is only two miles south of where we’re living now, so we can run boxes over every day until next weekend. We also have to get the locks changed, buy a washer and dryer, continue to change our address…oy vey. I hope to be back to A Homebody in full force, though, given I now have PLENTY to talk about. The entire month of April was frustrating because I had plenty of home-related thoughts on my mind, but we weren’t talking about the house online until closing – so many thoughts stuck in my head! Now, they can all come out and I can’t wait to take you along this journey with us.

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