Songs for a rainy day

I’ve never considered myself a Type-A personality – though maybe I am – but I am definitely the type of person who always has a plan. I have dozens of to-do lists. I plan out my everyday schedule a week at a time, making sure I keep track of chores, meals, homework assignments, work schedule…everything.

But sometimes, you just to have to sit back and let life take the reigns. Sometimes, things are just hectic, and there’s no way to control your schedule or predict what will get done. We’re having one of those weeks, and now that it’s Friday afternoon, I’m definitely feeling the weight of accumulated stress and anxiety. Right now, we’re in a state of waiting. If not being productive annoys me, waiting is absolutely unbearable.

However, I find the best thing to do in these cases is to just take a deep breath, let it all go, and just listen to the rain. It’s been raining all day here in Michigan, making for a gloomy start to the weekend. But, if the rain helps those dirty piles of snow disappear quicker, then let that cool, cleansing rain come down.

Usually when I’m at home during the day, and actually during the evening as well, I like to listen to the local classical music stations, both out of Detroit and Canada (a perk of living so close to the Great White North!). But when it’s raining, sometimes you need something a little more chill. I prefer my Avett Brothers Pandora station during these times, which has plenty of relaxing, soft, rainy day tunes.

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