March favorites: Pins

Because I’m a Pinterest whore, here’s a collection of this and that’s that caught my eye in March.

  • Cinnamon roll breakfast cakeI actually made this cake, getting up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday to do so, when my dad came up for his birthday weekend. The recipe makes two 8-inch round cakes, so one is still in my freezer. But it was oh, so much of a win. Just make sure you let the stupid things cool enough before you pop them out of the pans. We don’t want a Pinterest fail.
  • 101 things to do in ChicagoJ and I are probably going to put off our end-of-April Chicago trip due to the unpredictability of the house-hunting process, but we really do want to get to the Windy City sometime this summer. J’s never been!
  • This outfit:
    I feel a strong need to buy a jean jacket this year, as well as a maxi skirt or dress. I’ve never owned either so I feel it’s…necessary.
  • Soft cheese bread recipeI also made this bread (the cheddar and herb version) earlier this month and it was a total win. I was also able to pull off the Estonian Kringle maneuver, of which I’m especially proud.
  • This dresser:
    Can I has, please?
  • This s’more boxA friend “suggested” this pin for me, which always confuses me because I forget to check “suggested pins” for weeks and weeks. Then, it looks like you’re an ungrateful friend when all the other person did was think of you while they mindlessly browsed Pinterest on a Saturday night…God! Anyway, I thought it was funny she suggested it for me. We’re not campers (though we’d like to be), but maybe because of the proliferation of s’more recipes on my boards? It is a good idea. Let’s go make s’mores in March!
  • This handy moving checklist:
    Will become very necessary in the next few months.

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