Spring Cleaning, Part 1: Planning


It’s no secret that I am a devotee of cleaning schedules. Over the years, I’ve worked out a routine for cleaning our two bedroom townhouse that has not only continued to work with our changing work schedules (from when I worked at home, to when I had a full-time job out of the home), but it keeps our place clean and organized with minimal effort on our part. I’m a major evangelist for this routine, and will continue to share it with you as part of my Clean House Project (which, sadly, only has one entry so far…but stay tuned!).

However, there are times when the regular cleaning schedule just won’t cut it. Spring cleaning is just that kind of time. Although I don’t necessarily believe in adhering to prescribed periods for doing certain tasks (why are we only cleaning in the spring, anyway?), I do enjoy the idea of a nice, good, spring clean. After all, it’s in the spring that the ground starts to thaw, the dirty snow slowly melts away, a warmer breeze starts blowing, and the birds start singing. What better time to throw open the windows and air out your house after months of hibernation? And what better time to shake off the dust of winter and start the warmer season feeling fresh and clean?

And so, every spring I craft a special list of cleaning chores and organization projects. These are projects that go above and beyond my normal cleaning routine, and even beyond the little, mini-projects I scatter throughout the years. This is deep cleaning. This is rug-shaking cleaning. This is leaving a heap of old clothes and knick-knacks we don’t need on the stoop for Purple Heart, and digging through closets to unearth things we didn’t even know we owned.

Spring supposedly kicks off next week (although, at 18 degrees outside, I’m not sure I believe in warm weather anymore), so it’s just about time to take a look at my spring cleaning checklist for 2014. This year will involve digging even deeper into my spring cleaning, as we prepare to move out of our townhouse by the end of June. The ol’ townhouse has been good to us these past three and a half years, and she deserves a good, thorough bath before we leave her.

Stay tuned for some quick posts on all these cleaning projects.

Spring Cleaning Checklist 2014

  • Make a new batch of cleaning products 
  • Do a deep clean of my personal items that get icky, but are always overlooked:
    • Gym bags
    • Yoga mat
    • Purse
  • Go through our closets and donate some old clothes, one of our semi-annual rituals
  • Go through our stack of old textbooks and toss/donate what we don’t need anymore
  • Clean our gardening supplies to help make moving easier (and cleaner!)
  • Pick up some document boxes to complete my office organizing project
  • Finally toss those last few bags of random odds-and-ends that have been living in our basement since we moved here in 2010
  • Deep clean our car interiors – don’t you hate how you can’t really clean the inside of your car when it’s freezing out? Ugh, the crumbs!
  • Work on removing the salt stains from my poor, overworked boots
  • Flip my mattress and freshen it up with some baking soda
  • Deep cleaning projects to get ready for moving:
    • Baseboards
    • Walls
    • Windows
    • Carpets
    • Basement
    • Fridge

All right, spring, I’m ready for you!

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