Living outdoors in the suburbs

During my day off this week, I finally made it out to our postage stamp-sized patio for some major spring cleaning. I swept all the dirt, leaves and gross bug carcasses away, knocked away the dirt on our awning, washed the outside of the grill and PLANTED GROWING THINGS.

I was very excited about that last part, can’t you tell? It doesn’t feel like spring until I can get my hands into some warm soil and make some plants happy. We’re starting off very small this year, as our front stoop and patio doesn’t get too much sunlight (many pots of flowers have gone to a sad death under our tutelage), and I’m not messing around with the whole starting my herbs from seed thing (which doesn’t work too well when, just when they start sprouting, your cat decides to treat your herb garden like a salad bar).

We bought a young basil plant, along with six coleus plants – for some reason, the coleus just goes crazy on our back patio and it doesn’t hurt that they’re pretty to look at.


What’s up basil. You look happy. Hopefully you’ll make us yummy pesto this summer.


Hopefully these little guys are as happy as last year’s bunch.

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