Welcome to one homebody’s life


It’s always awkward writing the first post for a new blog. And so, I’ll keep this simple:

Welcome to A Homebody! 

After blogging about books and reading for going on four years, I decided that the older I got, the more I realized the importance of home, and making that home a special, healthy, warm and hip place to be. I have a lot to say about home, whether it’s what I’m cooking for dinner that night to finding affordable, Earth-friendly cleaning products. What I say may not be particularly special, but it’s what’s on my mind and I wanted to create a space for me to discuss these thoughts and insights further.

All that being said, I understand that these posts will most likely be geared toward a readership around my age bracket – from fresh out of college to those dealing with the “pressures” of the quarter-life crisis. I’m not going to pretend I know what it’s like to have kids, though who knows, this blog may still be around when I do get around to procreating. I won’t pretend I know what it’s like to own your home, either. Still, I hope that others will enjoy reading, no matter what your station in life. In fact, I’ll be writing plenty about growing up here at A Homebody (my best friend is expecting her first little one this summer – ch, ch, changes my friend!), and so I welcome advice from like thinkers with a bit more experience under their belt.

But wait, who is this blogger person anyway?mr b

  • I’m Laura (hi!). I’m in my mid-20’s and I’ve been blogging about books and the reading experience over at Paperback Fool since 2009.
  • I live in Metro Detroit with my husband and two cats, Harper Lee and Mr. Bennet.
  • I’m currently working on my Masters of Library Science while working at a bookstore.
  • For some reason, I really like to cook and clean. And I’m mildly OCD when it comes to organization.
  • I take out my aggression on the track as a roller derby girl, playing for one of southeastern Michigan’s awesome amateur leagues.

Why home is important

In naming this blog, I really only had one choice: a homebody. Because, that’s what I am. Despite my love for traveling and discovering new places, my favorite place to be is home. I like being at home. I like the warmth of home. I like the comfort and familiarity of home. Home is where we’re safe and loved. It’s where my cats live. It’s where I make food and share meals with my family and friends. It where I can go barefoot. It’s where I read. It’s where I love. It’s where I write.

Now let me assure you, I have no intention of being a stay-at-home wife. I have ambitions, I have dreams and if anything, I have a driving desire to work and make a difference. However, I can’t lie: ever since I graduated from college, creating and maintaining my home (and everything that entails) has been a deeply satisfying experience. Being a homebody may not be exciting, but I can’t imagine being anything else.

A post-feminist philosophy

Perhaps more important than my daily ramblings, though, I have a certain fascination with the idea of the “modern homemaker.” As a self-described feminist and liberal-leaning lady, I’m not looking to recreate the 1950’s here, nor bring back the regressive, ultra conservative philosophy that a “woman’s place” is in the home. However, over the years, I’ve observed homemaking – with its new emphasis on sustainability, post-consumerism and healthy lifestyles – making a comeback, led by some of the most interesting young women out there. And it’s not just women, but men too are going back to their kitchens and gardens and looking for ways to create a better, healthier and simpler life for them and their families. Yes, young homemakers are bringing back the old ways, but this is not your grandmother’s kitchen.

And so …

harperWelcome to this journey! I hope you enjoy and perhaps share a tip or two yourself. And if not, just ignore the girl talking to herself about cleaning routines and burning the chicken dinner.

Also, excuse the copious pictures of my cats. But aren’t they cute?

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